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The material is native to the United States and Europe and is purely degradable. We only use the best quality in China and the best quality in Europe (currently the highest standard in the world) as raw materials for processing.

The original size of the wet sponge is 1.02M * 1.02M * 0.38M, the maximum size (length * width) after compression is 0.85M * 0.85M, we can produce any sponge within these two sizes.

We can provide simple universal packaging, (low MOQ solution). For bulk order, we offer printed custom packaging, shrink film, cardboard boxes, vacuum bags, shrink film, etc. Meet any of your needs.

As long as we have stock, we can certainly satisfy you. Generaly speaking, wet sponge can produce up to 100,000 per day, and the compressed sponges needs 7 to 10 days. Both options are the fastest in the industry.

According to your specific requirements, we can place an order to request our factory produce colors that are not on the market, and also provide LOW MOQ biocide-free foam products. Please contact our sales for details. (Only chinese material)

We require 100% pre paid courier cost + small sample cost. For Mass Order standard samples, in case any tooling required, we will refund after order.

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